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- Bill Venables

Hi! I'm Dhruv.

I am a recently graduated Mechanical Engineer.
I am fascinated by the field of robotics and control.


These are some of the projects that I enjoyed doing. The major gain from these projects was not to only in terms of technical knowledge but also in other aspects such as staying under budget constraints, dividing work in teams, reacting to failures (often times!) and the nights spent at the labs.

Collaborative Autonomous Aerial Robots

Acrylic Bending Machine

Window Cleaning Robot

Robotics Swarm Simulator

Designing and Manufacturing of a Benchtop Wind Tunnel

Designing and Manufacturing of Francis Turbine

Inverse Kinematics of KUKA KR3

Chaotic Analysis of Inverse Pendulum and visualisation of Fractals

Simulation of Kinematic Linkages


Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering - Ahmedabad University 2017-2021

  • GPA: 3.57/4
  • Department Rank: 1
  • Awarded Gold Medal for academic excellence (2017-2021)

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities include checking quizzes, assignments, solving doubts and mentoring in projects

  • Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (Fall 2020)
  • Design, Innovation and thinking (Spring 2021)


  • D. Parikh, S. Vohra, and M. Kaveshgar, “Comparison of attitude estimation algorithms with IMU under external acceleration,” in 2021 IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems (iSES) (FormerlyiNiS) (iSES-2021) , Jaipur, India, Dec. 2021 (Accepted)

Skills and Certifications


  • Programming: Python, C++, Bash Scripting, VBA
  • Software: MATLAB/Scilab/Julia, Simulink, ANSYS, ROS2
  • Database Management: SQLite
  • Markup Language: LaTeX, HTML, CSS
  • Solid Modelling: Solidworks, CREO Parametric, AutoCAD
  • Manufacturing: 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC Lathe-Mill, Die-Sinking EDM, Conventional Lathe, Milling, Slotter, Soldering
  • Industrial Automation: Ladder Logic

Professional Certifications

  • Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) - Credential id:C-3DRGU9XNQB
  • CREO for Design Engineers

Online Courses Certifications

  • Online Faculty Development Programme on "Control Systems & Sensors Technology" at College of Engineering, Pune
  • Control of Mobile Robots - Coursera (GaTech)
  • Digital Signal Processing 1 - Coursera (EPFL)
  • Python Classes and Inheritance - Coursera (University of Michighan)
  • Deep Learning Specialisation(1-3) - Coursera (deeplearning.ai)
  • Interactivity with Javascript - Coursera (University of Michighan)
  • Using Python to interact with Operating System - Coursera (Google)
  • Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving - Coursera (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Intelligent Machining - Coursera (University of Buffalo)
  • Google AI Explore ML - Workshop
  • MATLAB Onramp, Simulink Onramp, MATLAB Fundamentals
  • Completed Workshop Certification Course at Fabrication Shop, Ahmedabad University
  • Satellite Photogrammetry and its Application - Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
  • Extras:

    • Featured author on WikiHow with 3 million views
    • Instructor of workshop on building RC car using Arduino
    • Co-instructor of workshop on Arduino
    • Conceived, designed and conducted RC race event at Ingenium’19 (Techfest Ahmedabad University).


    • 05-10-2021: Accepted as a GNC intern at General Aeronautics, Bengaluru
    • 02-10-2021: Website 1.0 created